This template is used to insert at the bottom of the pages links to previous and next pages and to the upper level. The syntax is:

{{Links|up=Upper level|prev=Previous page|next=Next page}}

The parameter up is mandatory, prev and next are not. You can explicitly set them to the empty string or leave them blank:

{{Links|up=Upper level|prev=|next=Next page}}

is equivalent to:

{{Links|up=Upper level|next=Next page}}


If you're writing a translated page, up, prev and next must be set to the non-localized name of the page. The template will then automatically add the localization name space. For example, if you're working on the Italian version of the card_types page, you may write:

{{Links|up=Game basics|prev=Colors, mana and costs|next=Lands}}

This results in ugly-looking links, so you can use the up_display, prev_display and next_display to dictate what the respective links will be displayed as. The following example thus becomes:

{{Links|up=Game basics|up_display=Le basi del gioco|prev=Colors, mana and costs|prev_display=Colori, mana e costi|next=Lands|next_display=Terre}}

Unfortunately, there's no mechanism to make this process automatic. You need to take care and make sure that the display name of the pages and the links that point to them are kept in sync.

On the other hand, you can use the *_display parameters even if you're writing in English, for example if the name of the page you're linking to is long or unwieldy.